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Being Interviewed About My Mourning Year

Talking about Thom and my memoir is always emotional.

However, it is important if I want to make progress in my campaign for our society to recognise that it takes longer to recover than a few weeks after the funeral and how everyone should have a mourning year—where friends and relatives provide extra support.

I think the best interview that I’ve done so far is with Mark Carter at BBC Sussex. His sensitive style really drew me out—even if I did get choked up. I hope it captures the complexity of bereavement (and how it actually takes longer than a year).

Listen to the interview and phone-in

Mark Carter discusses My Mourning Year with Andrew. 20th April 2017, BBC Radio Sussex.

Waterstones Launch Event

The interview for which I had the most support was the launch at Waterstones in Brighton.

The evening was hosted by Sarah Hutchings and I was joined by some of the friends who are featured in the book. They include Elaine, Maureen who organised Thom’s memorial and my cousin Sue. (Martina, the nurse who cared for Thom, had her flight and hotel booked but her mother was taken ill and she had to cancel).

Here is a video of the event. There is also a photo gallery at the bottom of the page.

Shakespeare and Company

The final pictures are of one my favourite book shops in the world. If you’ve never been to Shakespeare and Company, it’s in Paris close by Notre Dame. If you’ve ever seen the film Before Sunset with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, you will have seen it.

I was thrilled to discover that they stock My Mourning Year.

Photo Gallery

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